Our Trading and Shipping Operations

Several companies and individuals use daily oil and gas to commute, work, heat homes and offices and to perform many activities. We facilitate buyers and sellers oil and gas around the world.

Our teams work to maximize our services on  demand of costumers.

We are active in many countries where our agents deal with all aspects of oil and gas trading, including physical trading, and shipping.


Th company is an energy operator with a global network

Marketing oil and gas all over the world at the right price means managing two important things: 

  • Financial markets and price risks linked to market volatility, which depend on a number of economic, geopolitical and even climate-related factors.
  • Arranging shipping from production areas to consumer hubs worldwide under optimal safety conditions and in a timely, cost-effective way.

To rise to these challenges, our trading & shipping teams around the world work in close collaboration with our traders. This optimizes transactions and means that we are equipped to offer tailored solutions to a wide range of clients, from producers, transporters and refiners to financial institutions and industrial firms.