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Limited Liability Company Membership Interests



1-A          AVAIL       8.5%     $50,000     $25,000,000  Membership

1-B          AVAIL      10%       $100,000   $28,000,000  Membership



This private placement memorandum describes a purpose and structure of a private equity fund investing into real estate property in The United State and Europe. .

The purpose of the Fund is to use investment opportunities in the real estate market that can deliver a higher return to investors. Fall of economic activity in the world and Europe, and a rapid decrease of real estate prices in 2016/17 led to a large quantity of 'distressed' sales of properties at ultra-low prices. At the same time, demand for short-term properties rents, has remain consistently high.

In 2017, the fall of economy has slowed down, while some indicators started to show a modest growth. This market phase of real estate cycle allows buying quality properties at bargain prices, whereas such properties at 'normal' times would cost significantly higher than average market prices. Hence, new attractive investment targets are created – properties, which deliver a high return, not just based on appreciation of the asset value, but also deriving from regular cash flow through the use of property.

This creates a classic situation, a point, where it is possible to buy a high-quality asset at a price  of an average asset, while the downside risk of a further price falling has gone and the upside potential or its appreciation is high and still growing.

“Gates Real Estate Private Equity Fund” aims to deliver a high return through a purchase and reconstruction of real estate properties and consequently leasing them out for short-term rent, and sale. Prior activity of the General Managing Partner allowed to receive high profitability in the segments and the Fund is created to scale out this experience.

Features of the investment model involve creating qualitatively new properties of ‘luxury’ segment and filling the booking capacity through foreign brokers, which allows having a consistently high occupancy and a revenue tied to hard currency.

Fund is created in a low-tax jurisdiction, all aspects of the Fund, involving profit distribution are declared in details in the Articles of Association of the Fund.

Investment capital of the Fund fully covers the purchase of real estate and its preparation for use. Since the Fund’s capital will be invested in real estate properties, only the income part of the investment project is at risk.


Legal form: Private investment fund “Gates Real Estate Private Equity Fund LLC”.

Fund’s jurisdiction: The Bahamas or British Virgin Islands or Dubai.

Investment focus: private residential and commercial real estate, convertible into residential, in the United state ands and Europe.

Main activity: purchase and conversion of residential and commercial real estate properties into apartments of high quality with a subsequent management of them in hospitality sector.

General Managing Partner: Edison Economics. BV/ LLC.

Jurisdiction of General Managing Partner: The Netherlands/ USA


Private investment fund “Gates Real Estate Private Equity Fund LLC” is created for a predetermined period of time, set out in its Articles of Association.

Articles of Association (also called LLC Operating Agreement) are the main legal document of the Fund. It sets out investment obligations of the Fund in front of Investors (shareholders), procedure and terms of their fulfilment, rights of Investors of Fund’s shares disposal, description of Fund’s management system and a procedure of dissolving the investment project once its investment purpose is fulfilled.

A subscription agreement regulates relationships between the shareholders for the period of Fund’s functioning. An Investment Management Agreement sets out the rights, obligations and special functions of the General Managing Partner.

All rights reserved. Copyright © 2017 auteur . Stefania C.


Experience of General Managing Partner : The Fund’s business-model has been working successfully, for 3 years, on properties of the General Managing Partner’s several Apartments, and properties proving its viability and potential for future expansion. Its competitive advantage is the non-standard use of real-estate properties, where properties are bought at low cost and transformed into high tier apartments, generating high income.

An established business model provides reliable data on revenues and expenditures, which can be used to confidently forecast the performance of the Fund.

An important advantage is the high occupancy rate via international brokers and the ability to receive rent payments anywhere in the world.

Furthermore, the experience, the General Managing Partner has acquired in numerous travels to different countries, sets a high standard for hospitality services. The real estate properties of the General Managing Partner are serviced by trained and tested staff, who will also be servicing the Fund’s properties to high quality standards.

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