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Founded in 1996, the Group is at the heart of the industrial commodities sector

We generate long-term value through disciplined investment, operational optimization and the mitigation of risk via commodities trading.

We specialize in the production and trading of oil, chemicals and metals, and the trading of other global commodities and related financial derivatives. We employ 600 professionals across five locations in five countries.

Our broad product range, extensive industry expertise, and best-in-class risk management, all ensure that the Group performs consistently amidst changing markets.

Our trading team manages and mitigates prices risk exposure that may exist in the clients portfolio.
Through trading we optimize the synergies across our commodity portfolio to maximise profit while minimizing risks.
The risk team performs Know Your Customer and credit assessment before the company conducts business with new counter parties.
We manage operational risks through key controls to minimize losses, regular audits on processes, risk policies, risk reports, and the appropriate IT systems.

Oil & Gas Trading and Investment Services., which is a well-established organization for the past 25 years, with business transactions being carried out All over the world.  

With our large network in the Oil exploration international markets sector, Euro Fine provides customers with a full array of well-related services necessary for prolonging the productive life of an oil and/or gas wells. It’s well known that some wells flow oil to the surface without mechanical assistance, those wells are mostly in mature production areas that normally require pumping or other form of lifting. Due to our co-operation with several companies and manufacturers of oil and gas exploration equipment and services, our company can assist her clients in relocation of all require equipment and services in the sector.